Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters   

Portable Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters provide protection against ground fault shock hazards such as cut wires, faulty insulation or where electrical contact might be made which would provide a path to ground through a human body.

OSHA now requires that all temporary wiring on construction sites include the use of GFCI's (OSHA 1926.404.ii). 


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Model 26020 single connection 15 amp 120 volt GFCI


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15 and 20 amp, 120 and 240 volt services. Single.  Dual, Triple and Quad unit models are standard. Units are provided in lengths of 14 in, 30 in, 6 ft, 25 ft and 50 ft.



1-Model 14880 GFCI plug
2-Model 26020 Single outlet, in line, 15 AMP
3-Model 14051 Single outlet, in line, 20 AMP Plug
4-Model 14380 Single outlet, pigtail, 15 AMP
5-Model 14380 Dbl. dual outlet, 15 AMP
6-Model 26020 TC tricord, 15 AMP
7-Model 14380QD 4 unit outlet, 15 AMP


Key Benefits

Outdoor Rated

Various cord lengths

Various plug configurations

15 & 20 amp service

Twist Lock Plugs Available on Request