Fluorescent Work Lights    
   (Non-Hazardous Locations) 


Stewart R. Browne offers a complete line of portable fluorescent work lights for non-hazardous rated areas. The lights are manufactured from high impact plastics for lighter weight and longer service life.


stubby-2.JPG (26338 bytes)

Model 1426V Stubby II Work Light.

Non hazardous areas. 13 Watt Twin Tube fluorescent design. Available with 25 ft and 50 ft SJTOW-A 18/2 cord. With vapor-proof clamps to keep water out of the light.

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Now available with GFCI plug for added shock safety.


Our series of fluorescent work lights are designed to place the light and all electrical components inside a closed chamber for user safety. Our 'exclusive' vapor-proof clamp design prevents water vapors from entering the light chamber. Lightweight, rugged design and rough- service lamps provide a long service life. Available in 13, 15, 24, 36 and 50 watt designs with 25' and 50' cord lengths. In addition, the 13 watt "Stubby" vapor-proof light can be provided with 20 or 40 foot retractable cord reels.


Key Benefits

Vapor-proof clamps keep moisture out

Lightweight, rugged design and rough- service lamps

Available in a wide range of watt designs

25' and 50' cord lengths

Also available in low voltage design (Model VST50)